I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Susan for a year and a half, and I’ve never felt stronger or more at ease in my body, whether dancing, sitting at my desk, or walking down the street. Through our sessions together, I’ve been able to break old habits from years of rigid dance training and discover more efficient, pain-free ways of moving. She has showed me that with a little bit of gentle input, the human body has a vast capacity to absorb, transform, and adapt.

— Siobhan Burke, Writer and Dancer


Authentic Movement

In a process developed by Mary Stark Whitehouse, students learn to access their own unconscious movement material with the help of a non-judgmental witness. In an era where superficiality takes precedence, the process of listening to the movement stories of our bodies encourages us to know our true selves, bring this awareness to our artwork, and heal ourselves through letting the unexpressed be expressed.

Sequences by Irene Dowd

Susan teaches “Spirals “ and many other sequences choreographed by Irene Dowd. “Spirals“ is a unique warm-up choreography, for stretching and strengthening every major muscle group of the body in tandem.  “Spirals” begins on the floor and gradually progresses to spiraling through space for maximum mobilization of joints and enhanced range of motion. Other sequences offered include Feet Like Hands, Flower/ Seed, the Turn-out Dance, Resonances, Trunk Stabilization, Horizons, and the Hand Dance.

Copyright © . Photographs by Maria Levitsky.